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The Stackbit project is focused on expanding the use of the Stackbit coin as a multi-use coin. The project provides assistance to groups looking for a stable cryptocurrency to use as a means to attract and build new communities.

Having a low staking rate of 6% per year, Stackbit is a stable coin that is resistant to inflation, providing the ability to maintain its value without sharp drops in price like most POS coins. This makes Stackbit an ideal form of stable value for those looking for a coin to hold while looking for opportunities that are exclusive to Stackbit holders.

Coin Specifications

Name: Stackbit

Mining: PoS only

Algo: Scrypt

Ticker symbol: SBIT

Block time: 2 Minutes

Min stake time: 6 hours

P2P Port: 18833

RPC Port: 18834

PoS rewards, 6% APR

Maximum Supply: 90 Billion

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